Commercial Air to Water Heat Pump

About Deakon Solar +Air to Water Heat Pump 

Solar energy helps to increase capacity and reduce power consumption

Solar energy is a gift from nature. It is clean and free, Deakon C1 Pro series model added a solar panel heat exchanger on its EVI air source heat pump. In the heating mode, it is used as the first evaporator, and there is a second evaporator inside the heat pump. The first evaporator absorbs heat directly from the sunlight, its temperature is higher than that of the second evaporator, which absorbs heat from the air. That means that the two energy sources are combined into one and  compressed by the compressor to generate high-temperature energy, which is then transferred through the  condenser to heat water ( storage tank and room heating system)  This is very efficient when there is sunshine during the day, even the air ambient temperature is very low. 

Multiple Applications + (Not only as below)



Less Defrosting Time and More Efficient 

In heating mode, when the ambient temperature below 0 ℃, generally, the air source heat pump runs at defrosting mode for about 8-10 minutes every hour. In defrosting mode, the heat pump does not create heat for indoors. On the contrary, it generates heat for the outdoor evaporator to help remove the ice from the surface of the heat exchanger. In order to avoid ice blocking air channels of the heat exchanger.

Deakon C1 Pro solar +EVI air to water heat pump has solved the issue of no heat of defrosting. The evaporator is secondary heated by the solar panel. It reduces freezing frequency in the condition of below 0 degrees. Therefore, it increases the heating capacity and reduces the energy waste.

Easy Installation

Innovations such as commissioning information designed around a specific type of installation and an extremely lightweight chassis mean that installation and commissioning  is the easiest ever seen from Deakon C1 Pro series heat pump.  The solar panel can be placed anywhere as roof, wall, ground or above the heat pump, just towards the sun. 

Flexible Application 

The Deakon C1 Pro model has been designed with flexibility in mind. Installers have the capability to incorporate many different installation metholds, as well as the ability to cascade multiple units for a single installation. This means that no matter the complexity of the project, Juyang Energy is likely to offer a solution.

-25℃ Available

Deakon C1 Pro model can work at -25℃ outdoor temperature stably, thanks for EVI technology combined with solar panel, the solar panel absorb the heat energy from sun and ambient air to to enhance heating capacity and less the defrosting period.

Low Running Cost and High Efficiency 

As well as reducing purchased energy consumption and CO2 emission, Deakon C1 Pro series  have a number of other environmental and operational advantages. 

As the source is further heated by solar energy , that the C1 Pro heat pumps have a high COP than normal only EVI models, the running costs and resultant CO2 emissions are much lower.

The effect of Deakon C1 Pro solar +air to water heat pump in the use of conventional temperature  is not prominent, only when the temperature drops to below 0℃, the performance of  Deakon C1 Pro model will be highlighted, mainly advantages is not easy to frost, The extra solar energy can automatically extend the heating time to reduce the impact of defrosting on heating mode,  in - 20℃ Deakon C1 Pro model can still operate efficiently to ensure indoor temperature relaxation


Famous Brand EVI Scroll Compressor 

EVI compressor has two suction ports, one for evaporator, one for economizer, which works when the ambient temp below 0℃

High Efficiency Heat Excganger 

High efficiency tank heat exchanger is widely used in commercial heat pump field, it can be applicable at various heat-transfer medium and has long working life. 

Solar Panel Heat Exchanger 

Solar panel heat exchanger is used as a second evaporator to further absorb the heat energy from the sun and air to increase the capacity and performance. 

Electrical Expansion Valve 

Accurate flow regulation for optimal performance 

Finned Heat Exchanger

The finned heat exchanger uses riffled copper tube which greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency, louvered fins with large air flow effectively increases the capacity and performance.

Large Diameter Axial Fan

Large air flow and low operating noise 

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